Inkedibles offers some pre-printed edible designs that you can simply peel and apply to your cakes (no printing needed). These cake decorating images (images for cake), letters, and designs will spruce up your cake and give you the opportunity to truly customize your cakes, whether you’re making picture or photo cakes, or some other custom image design cakes.  Choose from preprinted designs, images, or stickers for your cakes and cookies. They apply beautifully and easily to royal icing and save you the time and cost of having to print your own edible icing images.  If you’re looking to get a specific image or photo to your cakes, then look for our edible printing service whereby we will print your design so you can get YOUR pictures to your cakes. The resultant edible photo images which we print through this service are printed to our Frosting Sheets professionally and adhere to royal icing or other cake toppings. You can get edible photos, edible pictures, cake photo images and edible photo images using this service. You can apply Inkedibles Frosting Sheets to a variety of frostings such as Fresh Buttercream or Non-Dairy topping, Fondant, Marzipan, even Ice Cream. Frosting sheets do not adhere well to a high moisture base, such as whipped creams. Hard frostings, such as Royal Icing, Fondant or Marzipan will work if you apply a thin coating of a butter-cream, piping jelly or spray a fine mist of water below the sheet. If your frosting (such as butter-cream) has formed a crust, spray with a fine mist of water before applying the printed frosting sheet. Do not add extra moisture to non-dairy whipped toppings. You can see instructions on how to apply printed edible images, edible pictures, edible photos etc. to your cakes by clicking on the link to an FAQ for using frosting sheets.