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Magnetic Chocolate Molds

The Inkedibles Magnetic Chocolate Molds are made of high quality food-grade materials including a polycarbonate plastic casing and stainless steel bottom magnetic sheet with a mirror finish.  The stainless steel sheet snaps into place with the inlayed magnets, hence why they are called "magnetic chocolate molds". Each of the molds have 15 - 20 cavities which yield designer shaped signature chocolates or pralines.  Insert the Inkedibles Pre-Cut chocolate transfer sheets inside the stainless steel bottom sheet (printed to with your own designs), pour in melted chocolate to the mold cavities, let the chocolate set, and you will have made beautiful, custom chocolates, with your own designs and your signature shapes.  The Inkedibles Pre-Cut chocolate transfer sheets are print ready, and can be printed to using Inkedibles edible inks.  You can also insert pre-printed chocolate sheets with a design pattern of your choice, or forego the chocolate transfer sheets and just use the molds to make signature shaped chocolates with a printed design. Whatever your choice, your chocolates and pralines will look professionally made and will wow your customers and friends.