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Edible Frosting Sheets

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Frosting Sheets (aka Icing Sheets)

Frosting sheets (also known as Icing Sheets) are made from fondant and are specially blended and pressed into thin sheets that feed through a printer like a sheet of photo paper. Print with edible inks to these frosting sheets to produce edible images that you can then apply to your cakes that are prepped with frosting. Frosting Sheets can be applied to all kinds of frostings - especially buttercream, but not directly onto very high moisture bases like fresh cream or whipped cream unless you put buttercream first behind the frosting sheets, then it is OK. Also if you are going to apply to a DRY frosting such as sugar paste, apply first a thin layer of buttercream below the frosting sheets.

IMPORTANT: We highly recommend the purchase of our Keep It Warm or Keep It Cool Thermal Packaging with all orders of Edible Paper during seasons with freezing temperatures and seasons of extreme heat.  If the option of including the Keep It Warm or Keep It Cool is not used, we cannot accept responsibility for any damage that may occur during shipping. Extreme heat or extreme cold can severely damage the integrity of the sheets.  All items are carefully inspected before shipping so that every package leaves us to ship to you in pristine condition.  Signs of extreme temperature damage include cracked or crumbling sheets or edges, sheets that stick together, sheets that freely fall of their backing and spots or uneven texture on the face of the sheets.

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Edible Frosting Sheets

Edible Frosting Sheets
Edible Frosting Sheets
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Edible Frosting Sheets Edible Frosting Sheets Edible Frosting Sheets
Edible Frosting Sheets    Edible Frosting Sheets     Edible Frosting Sheets     Edible Frosting Sheets
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Edible Frosting Sheets
Edible Frosting Sheets

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